Tips to Avoid Getting Caught in the Field and Grow Your Moving Business

Mar 01, 2024
Ever found yourself having to strap on those moving gloves and jump into the field because your crew didn't show up? While it's great to lead by example, your time as an owner could be significantly more impactful if spent on growing and refining your business. Here's how you can avoid being caught in this situation and focus on what truly matters - scaling your enterprise:
1️⃣ Build a Reliable Team: It starts with having a dependable crew. Implement stringent hiring processes and continuous training programs to ensure your team understands the value they bring and the impact of their absence.
2️⃣ Implement Robust Systems: Use technology to manage schedules, reminders, and confirmations. A system that alerts you and your team about upcoming jobs and confirms their availability can drastically reduce no-shows.
3️⃣ Empower Leaders Within: Develop team leaders or supervisors who can handle day-to-day operations. Empowering your staff not only builds a resilient structure but also frees you from the need to step in unexpectedly.
4️⃣ Focus on Growth Activities: With the extra time, concentrate on activities that grow your business. This could be networking, strategizing, marketing, or exploring new revenue streams. Remember, your role is to steer the ship into new waters.
5️⃣ Customer Relationship Management: Use any time saved to build and maintain relationships with your customers. Personal touches, follow-ups, and feedback collection can significantly enhance customer loyalty and referral rates.
Remember, every minute you spend in the field due to unplanned absences is a minute not spent on growing your business. By building a solid foundation and focusing on strategic growth, you can ensure that your time is utilized where it's most effective - in leading and expanding your moving company.